HRCP alarmed by HRD’s ‘disappearance’

Lahore, December 21: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed alarm at the abduction by government agents of human rights activist Mr Siddique Eido from Pasni on Tuesday.

Mr Eido was returning from a court hearing along with his brother when, on main Gwadar Road, several men in two vehicles used by the intelligence agencies in the area stopped the van the two brothers were traveling in and abducted Eido. At least four policemen were also traveling in the same van with the two brothers and were reportedly manhandled by the abductors.

Mr Eido had earlier been implicated in a criminal case and had been released on bail. He was returning on Tuesday after attending a hearing of the same case. HRCP has serious concern that Mr Eido may be tortured and that his life is in danger. HRCP has demanded that Mr Eido must be immediately released and the rights of people working as human rights defenders (HRDs) respected without exception.

Mehdi Hasan


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