Police book whole town on religious grounds

The Police Station Chenab Nagar – a place also known as Rabwah – in district Jhang of the Punjab province, in a outlandish move, lodged a First Information Report (FIR) against thousands of members of Ahmadiyya community residing in the town under Section 285, 298C, and 337H2 of Pakistan Penal Code. The police booked the whole town on religious grounds.    


The action has been taken to stop continuously mounting pressure of certain local and provincial Islamic clerics which police has termed a “reaction” of the Muslims on the 100-year celebrations of caliph-ship by the Ahmadiyya community, a religious school of thought declared a minority in Pakistan in September 1974.


The FIR was lodged on June 8, 2008, a couple of weeks after the official celebrations of the community were held across the country, especially in Rabwah, the central headquarters of the community in Pakistan, on May 27 and 28, 2008.


The FIR lodged on the basis of a “secret report” of local police, does not show the exact figure of the persons alleged of the crime except saying “every person of every locality of the community was seen involved in these celebrations with fire works, lighting their places, and greeting each other (which is amounted to preaching of their faith, a crime according to a controversial law of the country).”


The FIR stated, “The community members were also seen in a joyous mode and wearing colourful caps and displaying badges with religious slogans.” Hence the FIR was lodged under PPC Section 285 (with up to six months imprisonment and Rs 3,000 fine); Section 298C (Anti-Ahmadiyya law with up to three years imprisonment and also liable to fine); and 337H2 (with up to three months imprisonment and fine).


Mr. Saleem U Din (spokesperson of the Ahmadiyya Community) said this was not the first time that such case had been lodged. According to the available record, in 1989, when the community celebrated the 100th year of the foundation of the school of thought, a similar police case was lodged against the whole town and community. This may be a pressure tactic to control the situation on both sides – Islamic clerics and the minority community members. The police cases lodged against both communities had mainly been based on religious, social or political grounds. There are clear signs of victimization but the police registered the cases due to immense pressures.



Nadeem Anthony



12 thoughts on “Police book whole town on religious grounds

  1. This is absolutely ridiculous. Is the Pakistani government filled with complete idiots? Who would do something like this? This is probably the only country in the world that would consider it a crime to be “seen in a joyous mode and wearing colourful caps and displaying badges with religious slogans”. This is blatant discrimination, and their punishment will come from Allah.

  2. How amazing! What a beautiful sign of the truth of Ahmadiyyat Islam! When the whole of Mecca united against Muhammad (sa), when the whole of Arabia united against Muhammad (sa), it was Allah who came and helped the true Jama’at. I have no doubt that Allah will again come to the aid of our afflicted Brothers and Sisters in Rabwah, Pakistan. I only pray that Allah has mercy on Pakistan and allows all Pakistanis to recognize the Imam of the Age.

    Love for all, Hatred for none

    Chicago, USA

  3. It is a total shame that Pakistan law enforcement agencies can fall so low as do deny a peaceful and humanitarian Islamic community basic human rights in absolute disregard to the laws of Holy Quran.

    How Pakistan face the world as truly Islamic country when it does not allow its own citizens oberve their resoective religious rights.

    After all, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is engaged in practising and propagating Islam in a far more effective and peaceful manner than any Islamic group in the world.

    The Paksitan authority should out sheer shame leave the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community aside an lt them practice Islam as they do all over the world. May God bless Ahmadis.

  4. This is a crazy action. The authorities and people of Pakistan should come out of beastly claws of Mullahism otherwise worse will keep transforming to the worst. Remember what Holy Prophet (SA) said about the mullahs of the last days; ‘They will be the worst creatures on the face of earth. Troubles will emancipate from them and the same will come back upon them’. In another tradition of the holy prophet (SA) it is mentioned that ‘They (mullahs) will be the monkeys and pigs, people will go to them for seeking solution to their (religious/ spritual) problems but they will find them as pigs and monkeys.’ Much have been witnessed by the world to confirm the verity of these great traditions of the holy prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihe Wa Aalhi Wassallam). Is it not the right time for the Muslims of Pakistan and the rest of the world to realize what the hack these mullah are bringing upon Islam whose very literal meaning is peace and submission to the will of God.
    If today, the people of Pakistan (and as such rest of the Muslim world) will not rise and protest against these ‘beasts’, will not announce their disassociation with these ‘worst of the creatures on the face of earth’, tomorrow they will have nothing but to rub their hands in disgust when their own children, their own progeny will do that and then staring them in their faces, ask, why didn’t YOU do that?!

  5. Religion is a tree that requires a lot of sacrifices and pure blood, and then it shines and brightens the whole universe. My prayers and thoughts will be with the victims, but thanks to them this Tree will shine and grow. May God shower His blessings on us all.

  6. What a sorry state of affairs. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the above article. I had to read it twice to make sure it wasn’t some sick joke.
    Can this really be true in the 21st Century – six months imprisonment for being “in a joyous mode and wearing colourful caps”.
    The people in power will of course turn a blind eye to this latest incident (yet another nail in the coffin of our beloved nation) because they have no courage to stand up for the down trodden in our society. Nations are judged by how they treat their minorities. Sadly by this measure our nation is amongst the lowest of the lows. If this injustice continues I fear our nation has a bleak future……if any.

  7. While an FIR may not have been required; Islam does allow religious freedom to religious minorities, provided they respect the limits, yet the fact remains;

    May Allah bless guidance of Islam to qadiyanis & bring em all back to the belief in the Seal of Prophethood صلی اللہ علیہ والسلم & make em all once again the part of Ummah of Prophet Muhammed صلی اللہ علیہ والسلم who clearly fore-told us the signs of Imam Mahdi & signs of Revered Prophet Jesus Christ (the Messiah) & the signs of the Great Impostor Dajjal (false Messiah / Anti Christ) in end times, & also warned us of other liars:

    Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger صلی اللہ علیہ والسلم as saying: The Last Hour would not come until there would arise about thirty dajjals / impostors (liars). Each one of them would claim that he is a messenger of Allah.
    (Sahih Muslim, Book #041, Hadith #6988)

  8. It is really sad that once again pakistan govt could not provide the religious freedom to their own citizens. It is very shamefull for all the pakistanis and specially for pakistanis living abroad who always tries to build a good reputation for their country but always fails to do so whenever these news comes in the media. It is really a shame for Pakistan govt it really needs to act fast againts these moulvies before its too late for them and the country.

  9. The Holy Quran says “O ye who believe! Obey Allah, and obey His Messenger and those who are in authority among you.” (4:60) The non-Ahmadi Pakistanis need look no further than their own Holy Qurans to be corrected! The Holy Prophet (pbuh) never behaved like this.

  10. It may be favorite game of political leaders to make fun of law, Some don’t know the rules regulations and still and they are member of assembly, Pakistan have very good historical background, but about today law can be change next day 🙂

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