About HRCP

HRCP is an independent, voluntary, non-profit organisation, which is not associated or affiliated with the government or any political party. It is committed to act with impartiality and objectivity in all matters. Among its main aims are spreading awareness of human rights among the people, mobilising public opinion, collecting information and disseminating knowledge about human rights abuses. 

Since 1986, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has developed to become a broad-spectrum, countrywide human rights body. Nationally, the HRCP has established a leading role in providing a highly informed and independent voice in the struggle for human rights and democratic development in Pakistan – a role increasingly recognised internationally, also. It is an independent, voluntary, non-political, non-profit making, non-governmental organisation, registered under the Societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860), with its Secretariat office in Lahore.
Its mission includes:
· to work for the ratification and implementation by Pakistan of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and of other related Charters, Covenants, Protocols, Resolutions, Recommendations and internationally adopted norms;
· to promote studies in the field of human rights and mobilise public opinion in favour of accepted norms through all available media and forums, and to carry out every category of activity to further the cause;
· to cooperate with and aid national and international groups, organisations and individuals engaged in the promotion of human rights and to participate in meetings and congresses on human rights at home and abroad;
· to take appropriate action to prevent violations of human rights and to provide legal aid and other assistance to victims of those violations and to individuals and groups striving to protect human right
The birth: The idea of setting up a broad-spectrum country-wide human rights body was first mulled over among a small number of kindred spirits.

HRCP undertakes activities in the areas of awareness, monitoring, fact-finding, activist mobilisation, lobbing, agitation, and intercention in courts related to human rights violation and deprivation. Most recent activities were on the following themes:

Democracy, Constitution, judiciary, legal profession
Human rights awareness and mobilisation of activists
Rights of women, children, and labour
Minorities, ethnic groups, tribal people
Death in custody, torture, and crime


4 thoughts on “About HRCP

  1. I am a senior executive of Askari Leasing Limited and I have been abused by the Retired Army Generals and later terminated forcebly from Askari Leasing Limited. I had no option but to approach to High Court for justice. My case is write now pending beore Honobrable High Court of Sindh. I am seeking your help to bring me out from this situation as I am contineously being threteaned by some Army Personnel.

    My case in detailed can be submitted to your office for further perusal. Please intervene into the situation and save me and my career from this Army Personnel.
    Mukarram Alam

  2. I am a student in NISTE ISLAMABAD; belong to Wana, South Waziristan Agency. I am from Dotani Tribe, a very backward Tribe in Education and other issues of life. The society of South Waziristan is a society of ignorance where Polical Admanisteratio, Malliks (Tribal Dignitaries or Qabailee Sardar) and other high profile personalities, loses all rights of people. As a whole, the New Generation has been completely abused by the above-mentioned elements and by some other elements of our society. The education system is run by bribe. Poor students are compelled to give bribe to the examiners during their annual Board examinations. The orphans are detained from their education. The young population is facing another serious matter that the boys and girls have no right to express the decision about their lives and future. There are many cases in our society and many challenges facing New Generation. Here I cannot stat all cases on this small space. I bring them on my website in the next coming days.
    I wish to work against these challenges work for the secure future of new generation and those orphans who are abused by the elders of their families. Therefore, I need for help of HRCP and such other HR organizations. However, I think only HRCP is the organization I am seeking for.
    Here I appeal to HRCP to help me in securing the future of our new generation and developing their human rights.
    I hope for your full support
    Raza Dotani
    Wana South Waziristan Agency

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