Emails, Support, Feedback

State of Emergency Pakistan 2007 -Emails, Feedback and Support

Here are some of the many emails we have received from all over the world. Please leave your comments, views or opinions at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

Dear HRCP,

As a citizen of Pakistan, I strongly protest against (a) the latest usurpation of constitution and destruction of our civil polity; (b) dismissal of the legitimate Supreme Court of this country and removal of a large number of judges at all levels; (c) the illegal arrest/detention of political leaders, activists, lawyers and all members of civil society who have dared to or dare to raise a voice against tyranny; (d) the suppression of the independent media; (e) the imposition of a draconian, inhuman and illegal regime on the whole nation.

I urge HRCP and all other such bodies to stand up now, and initiate a peaceful civil disobedience campaign nationwide and to also protest this state of affairs at all forums internationally.

Anam Shahid
Binish Khan
Mahnoor Ali


Dear Friends,All of us are really worried about the events in Pakistan and the hardships our friends and others are going through.

This evening Gujral Sahib, Kuldipji, Sachchar Sahib, Syeda, Maja and I met to discuss the situation. Gujral Sahib has done a short statement for the papers and it was to be sent to the Indian press tonight and to other SAHR members.

Please keep us informed and take care of yourselves in Pakistan.

In solidarity
Kamla Bhasin

Dear Asma

we are certainly most worried and concerned. My thoughts are with you.

Warmest regards
damaris – LST

Please keep me closely informed
Anthony Lester

My dear Asma, Rehman Sahib and all friends Pakistan,
We are in touch with some of you and are worried about you. We know your strength and wish you more. I think the best will be if the Pakistan group drafts a statement. We are meeting at Mr. Gujral’s place at 1730 today.

In solidarity and support, affectionately

Dear Asma
I agree with Dr. Panday. Why not you draft a statement quickly so that we could do an intervention without any further delay. Take care of yourself.


Dear Hameeda,
With due respect to all others, only you can draft the kind of statement that we need on Asma and Pakistan. Hope to see it soon.

Devendra Raj

From: Kathelijne Kleinegris
Letter from ICCO en Kerk in Actie The Netherlands

Dear HRCP, dear Mr. Rehman and Ms. Asma Jahangir,

In the annex you will find our letter to you as our gesture of sympathy and support for the terrible situation you have to face as Human Right Defenders, both on the personal as professional level.

We also have sent a letter of concern to our Embassy and Min. of Foreign Affairs, with the request to monitor HR violations specifically against HR Defenders as close as possible and act according to EU guidelines.

We wish you all the strength you need and hope to be released soon from the measure taken against you.

Kind regards,
ICCO en Kerk in Actie
Raymond Bernardus
Programme Officer

Dear Asma,
It is with great concern and pain that we look at the present situation in the country. People who use their intellect, writing and spoken power are today silent while the terrorists involved in challenging the writ of the state have still to be arrested and to be dealt with. We have tried in small a way to lodge our protest so that freedom is preserved. We condemn the present state movement that is against moderation and Enlightenment. Moderates are targeted and those promoting extremism are still to be dealt with in the country.

Fr. Bonnie Mendes
Society for Human Development Pakistan –


To Hina Jilani:

My name is Scott Romans. I am a lawyer in Akron, Ohio, USA and I want to show support for the brave lawyers and judges who are standing against the dictator, Pervez Musharaf.

I am working to have lawyers in the United States and the United Kingdom stand in support of their Pakistani brothers and sisters as they work to restore the constitution and human rights in Pakistan. Can you help to spread the word for lawyers and judges in the U.S. and U.K. to gather at courthouses on Friday, 9 November 2007 at noon to demonstrate solidarity with those oppressed and jailed in Pakistan?
Please help and let us know how we can help in other ways.
C. Scott Romans

Dear Colleagues,

UNHCR is following with great concern what is going on in the country. Obviously, we are worried that many of our lawyer colleagues from the ALAC’s are arrested or under house arrest or victims of other repressive measures. If it is possible – we would appreciate any detailed information on such incidences.

We wish you and all the members of the HRCP team safe days!

Best Regards,
Beat Schuller
Senior Protection Officer
UNHCR – Islamabad


Dear Asma Jahangir,

On the behalf of All Pakistan Trade Union Federation, we salute you and all others who has been arrested and house detained on the very next day of the emergency being imposed by Musharraf.

We appreciate whole-heartedly HRCP and other civil society organizations struggling for the democracy, supremacy of constitution, against the military rule and emergency as well as for the supremacy of judiciary.

APTUF strongly condemned this act of the government and demanded to immediately release all the activists, civil society representatives/lawyers, journalist and political leaders.

On behalf of Pakistani working class we assure you that we are with you.

Yours fraternally,
Gulzar Ahmed Chaudhary

General Secretary

Ms. Asma Jahangir,

I am writing in support of HRCP’s courageous stand against the PCO of November 3, 2007. I admire your and the work of your 55 colleagues fro Freedom and Human Rights of Pakistanis. The arrests of 55 HRCP members was without cause and shameful. The legal system that was supposed to protect our mothers, sisters and daughters is now harassing and abusing them.

I am a US citizen, who was born and raised in Pakistan. I am getting news about Pakistan through to GEO via Dish network USA and HRCP website. Your stand in this of darkness is inspiring.

The darkness shall not last and Pakistan shall evolve as a nation or higher integrity. How can I support the struggle of People of Pakistan and HRCP?

Masood Bajwa

Dear Rehman, Iqbal, Shahtaj and Asma

Our Solidarity with all of you and we assure you that we stand by those who are jailed by arbitrary rule in Pakistan. It is a matter of time that you will stand up victorious. With best wishes from Sri Lanka.

JC Weliamuna


19 thoughts on “Emails, Support, Feedback

  1. Mass democratic Moment required

    The general at last took the step which was expected.Really the imposition of emergency is the most
    sorrowful action of the government to attack the nation and its people.Imagine such things happen in
    the new millennium even after 60 years of Pakistan’s independence.It is evident that Pakistan is still not
    independent and its own army is still a threat for it.The general has suspended the constitution and
    started the new PCO which consists almost all things for an Army chief to be the King of the nation.He
    has deprived us from our basic rights.There is ban on TV channels to broadcast realities and to keep
    people updated from the country’s situation.He kicked the judiciary to avoid justice in the nation.We are
    deprived of communication.There is ban on expression of views.The emergency imposed has ruined
    the citizens.Musharraf prefers his government over public interests and choice.We have lost every thing.
    So what should we do now?What is the solution of this problem?How can we get our rights?How can we
    get back independent judiciary,independent media and independent public?
    In my opinion there is no way of deal with the army chief,nor he has the sense to feel the desires
    and rights of the people but what can we do?The whole nation is sleeping.They like independence and
    democracy but they dont work for it.Its the time to decide our future.Its the moment for us to struggle for
    our rights.We cannot move according to our will.My brothers and sisters,can there be a more bad situation
    than like this?High officials are using our services and properties for personal gains and we are not responding.
    We are just behaving like puppets.Oh no!that’s not just.We dont need such a life.We lag behind the world
    due to these dictators.We cannot bear it.We can’t see our pakistan destroyed by our own army.We need to
    start struggle for our goals and continue it until we achieve our goals.We need to struggle for democracy.
    We need to struggle for the bread which these selfish leaders and trying to snatch from us.We need to
    come out on the streets and roads and strike for Individual empowerment.We need to be united and become
    an obstacle in the way of those who are threat for our nation.We are the citizens of the nation.He should rule
    the nation who can lead the country towars development and prosperity.We are going to elect such a person.
    How dares a person to come and snatch our nation from us keeping us away from it.We should stop everybody doing such an act.Dear Readers!Lets struggle for the betterment of our country.Lets make sacrifice for it.Its the time for the whole nation to wake up and crush the criminals who are spreading terrorism and imposing mergencies in the name of patriotism.please lets wake up.Lets start a Mass Democratic Moment,not for ourself but for our nation.We are civilians and we shall decide the fate of our nation.Lets move Pakistan.We have to bring democracy in pakistan.We have to get democracy in Pakistan and we have to bring a revolution in Pakistan.Its the right time to show the world that the people of pakistan are civilized and brave enough to face all challenges.

    Sardar Alam

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  3. Dear friends,
    I strongly protest against the violation of Human Rights in your country. I support your struggles for democracy and liberty. I wish you the best for your country and your people.
    In solidarity,
    Roula Scoutari
    from Greece

  4. Received from the Emergency Mailing list – sent by CCP

    Dear All,

    A special thanks to everyone who e-mailed in letters to Shahid Siddiqui expressing solidarity with him. Many of these were extremely poignant – all have been delivered to him at the hospital. Keep the letters coming – the judges and lawyers have jeopardized their own careers to take a principled stand for Pakistan, and the public’s support is the only fuel that keeps them running. E-mail your letters to

    We’ll make sure they are personally delivered to Justice Siddiqui.

    In Complete Solidarity

    CCP Team


  5. Dear Asama
    Greetings from Faisalabad
    I am belong to Christian family. In my Allaqa Police killed one Young boy. who hsd three children. But Police did not take action. If U can hepl us we are very greatfull to you. Police did this happened last night in Christian Town Faisalabad. If U can reply me,I am very happy.
    Akmal Lal Din

  6. Sir,

    Pease register your complaint at the Lahore office at the complaint cell. You may contact Mr. Zaman Khan.

    Please see lahore office details below.

    Secretariat/Punjab chapter
    Aiwan-I-Jamjoor, 107-Tipu Block
    New Garden Town, Lahore – 54600
    Tel: (042) 5838341-5864994-5865969
    Fax: (042) 5883582
    Web site:

  7. Just because Organizations like HRCP or Amnesty International and many more are created, it doesn’t mean, that you keep raising even unnecessary issues, as you tend to do.
    Besides, you all have a special craze to blame the government quickly, as if the govt is some enemy.

    You forget that the government of your country after all works very hard to keep things in good order. Still, instead of joining hands with the government and coordinating with it to correct things, you people in a very bitter tone and acrimonious aggressive style attack your government and accuse it of incredible stuff.

    This is no way of working. You people have the wrong mindsets for anything that is commendable.
    And as a result your dysfunctional organizations have now third class reputations. Nobody will listen to you. You can cry hoarse for all we know till you change your own attitudes, instead of trying to change the government’s attitude.

  8. Dear Selma Seth,

    As you said,Hrcp is raising unnecessary issues,you mean what ?

    do you think,

    Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA)Detention of judges and lawyers,freedom of speech,Disappearances etc,what about them ?

    please explain the issues ?

    how Hrcp is a dysfunctional organization ?

    no one whats to listen us ? any example ?


    Muhammad Iqbal

  9. Assalam-O-Alaikum !!!!!

    My name is Umair Siddiq and i am 21 years old currently doing bachelors and residing in Karachi.

    The reason for my post is that i want to be a part of this commission as i see human rights violated everywhere i go and i really feel sorry for the people who are the victims of this violation. The main cause of this violation is that people are not aware of their rights and are used to of things like this happening with them. But me as an individual wants to devote myself working for these kind of people.

    I need some guidance about how to become a part of HRCP.

    with best regards,
    Umair Siddiq

  10. Sir,

    We have sought justice through several appeals to authorities but in vain.

    A group of gangsters, namely Ashfaque Bhatti of Nankana Sahib (union counsellor), Mushtaq Bhatti (patwari), Tikka, Maqbul etc have made life of citzens a living hell. Some cases have been registered against them but they have managed to prevail upon officials by bribing them. Therefore cases are hushed up. They have illegally occupied an old crippled man’s house for many years. They have also assaulted those right thinking citizens who have tried to help that old man. Recently they have shot and badly injured a man whose sister have even begged before mian Shahbaz Sharif.

    Police have declared them innocent in all cases against them. A question arises: are all those victims attacked and injured by ghosts or angels?

    Please help the victims of these hard core criminals before they lose faith in Pakistan.

    Sincerely yours

    Civil Society members

  11. dear sirs, there is no any restriction on cry. if you met with injustice you have right to cry—cry cry and cry. Your or my countrys corrupt bureaucrates, feudal lords, mininsters etc have turned their ears deaf. Because hypocracy is in climax–where there is hypocracy –injustice will take place–I offer shame and curse on them

  12. In pakistan huge foriegn fund is embezzeled, looted and plundered by high departmental echelons and influenctials, hence this dishonesty is direct attack on human rights. If this accumulated wealth is banned or freezed by our europeon countries all will go best and consequently respect of human right in looters hearts would start emerging.

  13. To Asma Jahangir:

    Madam i am a student of master’s in population sciences from university of the punjab. I found it very difficult to get a job without any approach. I need your help to start my professional career.

    Hira Fakhar Chaudhary
    University of the Punjab

  14. Ms. Asma Jahangir,

    Dear Madam,

    I am member(Activist) of HRCP from last 2 years, and belong to a christian family, living in Karachi and specially working in christian minority.
    Kinldy allow me to draw the attention of the authorities of the City District Govt. of Karachi through your website to the deplorable condition of the colony, The front of the main street there are lot of unlowful auto workshop service station and spare parts shops of the ANP workers. It is very difficult to people of the locaty and specially for young school/colleges girls to cross .

    I therefore request you on hehalf of the residents of the Pahar Gunj Christian Colony to take immediate steps or help us about this matter.

    Pervaiz Bhatti
    Cell: 0300-2170479
    d, Karachi

    • Ref: E 632

      Dear Mr Pervaiz Bhatti,

      Thank you very much for your email. We appreciate your keen interest in social welfare. We think you should take up this matter first with karachi chapter. Please keep us posted about developments.


      Yours sincerely

      Zaman Khan Incharge Compalint Cell HRCP

  15. Why are Pakistani men are so afraid of woman?

    Muhammad’s wife was a business woman with equal rights yet the Muslim men out of fear have debased and perverted the Holy Qur’an to murder, brutalized, torture, and disfigure woman in the name of Allah. The world is watching and the world is disgusted. The good people of Pakistan are being dragged along in disgrace with the atrocities of Sharia law practiced by sick and cowardly individuals. Shame is not a strong enough word for these despicable men. Let’s pray that love will take the place of evil in the most abusive country Pakistan against Woman.

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