Suspended Rights

Rights guaranteed by the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan.

These have been suspended following the State of Emergency declared by General Musharraf on November 3rd 2007.

Art. 9 (Security of Person)

Art. 10 (Safeguards as to arrest and detention)

Art. 15 (Freedom of Movement etc.)

Art.16 (Freedom of Assembly)

Art.17 (Freedom of Association)

Art.19 (Freedom of Speech Etc.)

Art.25 (Equality of citizens)


UNDER CONSTRUCTION – details of articles will be updated soon


4 thoughts on “Suspended Rights

  1. Sir that application is short cut sindh high court diptey rigistar illegal torture and never given our legal right so plz take action name g mustafa channa s/o gulam ali. add.rigistrar on the influence of sindh h.court karachi.
    My ph 03123277080tamee begum widow of late nizamuddin channa.

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