Suicides, people’s desperation and govt apathy disconcerting: HRCP

Lahore, October 26:The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed shock at the people ending their lives out of desperation caused by poverty and helplessness and the authorities’ lack of concern and failure to improve the lot of the people. Continue reading

Yemen: Security Council Must Act and Provide Justice to Victims of Human Rights Violations

19 October 2011 – As large numbers of peaceful  protesters continue to take to the streets demanding the fall of President Ali Abdallah Saleh, armed government supporters have attacked them. Since Saturday, 15th of October, at least 34 demonstrators, two of which were dissident soldiers, have been reportedly killed and more than 100 injured when they were marching to areas of governmental buildings of the Yemeni capital.  There were also reports of snipers shooting at the protesters. Continue reading

FIDH and LDH file a complaint concerning the responsability of the company AMESYS in relation to acts of torture

The French judiciary must shed light on the liability of the company, Amesys, and its executives in Libya

 Paris, 19 October 2011 – Today FIDH and LDH filed a criminal complaint, together with an application to join the proceedings as a civil party against persons unknown before the Court in Paris concerning the responsibility of the company Amesys, a subsidiary of Bull, in relation to acts of torture perpetrated in Libya. This complaint concerns the provision, since 2007, of communication surveillance equipment to Gaddafi’s regime, intended to keep the Libyan population under surveillance. Continue reading

Karachi: Unholy alliances for mayhem

 یادداشت جو ایچ آر سی پی کی چیرپرسن زہرہ یوسف اور بورڈ کے ممبران نے کراچی کے حالات پر کمیشن کی رپورٹ پیش
کرتے ہوئے میڈیا کے نمائندوں کے سامنے پیش کی

 Karachi: Unholy alliances for mayhem

(Report of an HRCP fact-finding mission)

Findings and conclusions

The fact-finding team believes that all of the main political parties in the city bear responsibility for the people being massacred in Karachi. Even the political parties that have not assigned armed wings to pull the trigger have a lot to answer for. All of the main political parties in Karachi shoulder considerable blame for their consistent and prolonged failure to prevent the loss of human life and of property. There is more than enough blame to go around and little evidence that there is even any realization among the political parties, much less remorse, of how they have failed the people. There are many accessories to these murders. This is one of those instances when no bystander is innocent. Continue reading