HRCP alarmed by killing of journalists, HRD

Lahore, December 14: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed concern at the killing of a human rights defender and three journalists in the country in the last few days.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, HRCP said: “HRCP is grieved at the death of three journalists and a human rights defender (HRD) in the country in the space of one week. Although the fact that journalists and HRD in Pakistan work in a dangerous environment hardly needs to be emphasised further, the recent death of journalists Pervez Khan and Abdul Wahab in a suicide bombing in Mohmand, target killing of Mirpurkhas Press Club president Sultan Mehmood Chandio, and of Mithal Mangi in Khairpur only reiterate the dangers they face.

HRCP expects the government to ensure that all three cases get the attention that they deserve. Pervez Khan Mohmand and Abdul Wahab were killed while performing their professional duties as journalists. The government and the two journalists’ employers’ must give proper financial compensation to their families. HRCP also calls upon the government to launch an inquiry into the murder of the Mirpurkhas Press Club president in order to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice. Mithal Mangi was apparently murdered because of his work as a human rights defender. In that case, the government need to ensure implantation of the statements it made on December 10, International Human Rights Day, where the theme this year was human rights defenders. HRCP must emphasise once again the urgent need to recognise and prevent the great personal risks that HRDs are exposed to because of their work against abuse and violation of rights and protect the rights defenders’ role in the country.”
Dr Mehdi Hasan


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