Chief Justice Case Verdict – your opinion

Pictures courtesy Dawn 

Pictures courtesy Dawn

In what has been billed as a defining moment in the country’s otherwise chequered judicial history, the Supreme Court on Friday struck down the presidential reference against Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and restored him to the seat of Pakistan’s top adjudicator.”

                                                                                                          Dawn, July 21, 2007

 “Pakistan might have been able to avoid quite a few disasters and the stigma of an unstable state if the Constitution and the law had received due respect from those who had the power to make or break a democratic polity. If the present case can bring home to the establishment the hazards of absolute rule and the need to revert to governance by people’s consent, consensus and concurrence, the trial the people have gone through for many weeks will not have been in vain” 

                                                                                       I. A. Rehman, Dawn, July 21, 2007  

Reviewing the current situation, regarding the SC decision on the CJ case, many people are celebrating and hailing this as a monumental decision in the history of the judiciary. Yet a hint of doubt lingers – should we have to wait for another analogous situation to transpire to see if this judgment really did make a difference.

This post invites comments, recommendations, debate and speculation on what you think this verdict means in the immediate and long-term duration of justice, politics and popular consensus in Pakistan.

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