Pakistan General Elections 2007/2008


We have been receiving queries asking us if we will be monitoring the 2007/2008 general elections in Pakistan 

HRCP has always observed the general elections and we will continue to do so. Although, at the moment, the form, format and scope of observation for the coming general elections is still under discussion. 

4 thoughts on “Pakistan General Elections 2007/2008

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  2. well personally I think it is to early to comment on the monitoring of elections and procedure for doing so given the current situation. The current crisis has created a situation which is so volatile, and idea of talking about elections anytime in the near future now seems meaningless. lets just hope the current crisis is over soon.

  3. At the moment core issue is the draft of so-called computerized voter’s lists rather than up coming election. In the said draft there is huge decline of voters. According to the electoral rolls used in 2002 Election there were 71.86 million registered voters through out country but current draft reveals the only 52.12 million voters. A huge decline trend has also been observed in present women electoral rolls prepared by ECP with help of USAID.

  4. Good to know that the HRCP would be monitoring the elections but agree with FQ Taqangar that HRCP also needs to take a look at the lists as well as be wary of pre poll rigging …

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