HRCP Interns 2006 – First 2 Reports Released

JJSO Counter Terrorism

We have decided to publish, in the form of monographs, studies and reports prepared by interns during their stay with us. Two such studies have just been issued as monographs


  1. Jon Sherman, Columbia Law School, HRCP Intern 2006 – Trying Terrorism, Protecting Rights: Counter Terrorism and Human Rights in Pakistan’s Criminal Justice System since 9/11’
  2. Emilie Paquin-Holmested, McGill University, HRCP Intern 2006 – Juvenile Justice In Pakistan’

A copy is available at each Chapter Office. Anyone wishing to secure a copy may kindly contact the chapter offices and get requisite copies on payment of photocopy charges.

The offices will issue copies to members, non-members and research scholars similarly on payment of cost.

Excerpts of the reports can be found on the HRCP Interns 2006 link and soon on the HRCP website

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