Pakistan Elections today

PAKISTAN 2008 ELECTIONS today – February 18, 2008

HRCP will not be monitoring the polls, neither by itself nor in partnership with anyone.

All HRCP offices and fieldworkers will be observing certain aspects of the elections, i.e. they will be watching and assessing the electoral process – pre-poll, during polling and post-poll – as it is part of Pakistan Coalition for Free, Fair and Democratic Elections (Pacfrel).

HRCP will be observing and documenting:

  1. the Election Commission’s (EC) performance
  2. complaints of candidates to the EC
  3. voting arrangements for prisoners
  4. if government servants have been persuaded/pressurized into voting en bloc
  5. status of applications for postal ballots and related information and issues
  6. reports of returns from Pakistan missions abroad
  7. if women have been allowed to vote freely and where and how it has not been so
  8. if forced labour has been allowed to vote
  9. candidate’s manifestos
  10. future plans of workers of parties that boycotted the polls

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