HRCP slams murder of coordinator in Khyber Agency

Lahore, December 8: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has condoled and condemned the brutal killing of Zarteef Afridi, HRCP coordinator in Khyber Agency, and called upon the government to apprehend his killers and address growing threats facing human rights defenders in the region.

 In a statement issued on Thursday, the Commission said: “HRCP is grieved at the murder earlier today of Zarteef Afridi in Khyber Agency. Zarteef was a tireless human rights defender who dedicated his life to promoting human rights, tolerance and peace in a region beset with conflict. Repeated threats to his life had failed to deter him from his work. In his death, the civil society has lost a committed campaigner for the cause of human rights. HRCP is grieved at his death and condoles with Zarteef’s family at their loss.

 Zarteef’s murder also underscores the escalating threats that those working for human rights face in Pakistan, particularly in the tribal areas. HRCP calls upon the government to realize its duty to do everything within its power to apprehend Zarteef’s killers and show through its actions in the next few days its commitment to protect and facilitate human rights defenders.”

Zohra Yusuf



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