Violence by cop at Nairang appalling: HRCP

Lahore, August 03: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed serious alarm and disgust at a policeman ‘raiding’ a renowned art gallery in Lahore, beating the woman curator there and harassing others on the premises.

HRCP said in a statement: “HRCP is appalled by the vigilante actions of the Shadman Police Station House Officer (SHO), who visited the Nairang Art Gallery in Lahore on Tuesday, brutally assaulted the woman curator there, accusing her of running a place of fahashi, and harassed others present at the gallery. The SHO’s merciless beating of a woman is something that cannot be expected of any civilized human being and is all the more revolting because the offender is an officer of a force tasked with protecting people from the sort of excesses he committed. The policeman had no warrants, nor any legal authority to barge into the art gallery like he did along with a police party, which advised the curator to leave the room after her beating rather than intervening to save her from the assault.

Excesses by policemen are hardly an anomaly in Pakistan but since when have policemen assumed responsibility of the Taliban? HRCP sincerely hope that its revulsion and contempt for the policeman’s actions is shared by the Punjab government and hopes that a case would be promptly registered against the offender, and that he would be effectively prosecuted for his repulsive actions. Lack of due punishment for such uniformed vigilantes would only encourage others to follow suit. HRCP also urges the government to make a formal apology to the curator for the actions of a government agent.”

Zohra Yusuf

4 thoughts on “Violence by cop at Nairang appalling: HRCP

  1. i thank the HRCP for their support. i sincerely hope the Punjab Goverment sees the matter through and does not let it slide like most times. i am not, as upset about the assault as i am about the fact that my faith in those whom uphold the law, is now damaged. i sincerely hope this kind of behavior is remedied.

    Nairang Art Gallery.

  2. The SHO’s willingness to slap a girl across gender and class divides is not a good sign…They were always ready to slap poor working women, but to slap around a female member of the sahib class indicates that the karma of the British Raj is on its last legs…and unfortunately nothing else is holding the administration in place…the people may still have access to other positive cultural strengths, but the administration is nothing if the British Raj is really gone..

  3. I was at the Art Gallery when this happened. This is a total non sense report. The curator didn’t had the permission for the exhibition and when the law enformcement agency tried to shut it down the curator went violent shouting and abusing the police.

  4. Involvement of police in Harassing women must be stopped..they should do their work,arrest culprits of all forms, and put them behind bars.secondly, their first priority is to give protection to citizens..

    i have a better option every individual should come out and go on strike against police and govt. till this problem is solved.

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