HRCP condemns murder of young man by Rangers

Lahore, June 9: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed its strong condemnation of the point-blank shooting of an unarmed young man by the Sindh Rangers in Karachi on Wednesday. The incident, captured on video and broadcast by a television channel, clearly showed that the man did not have any weapon and was surrounded by Rangers personnel when one personnel took aim and shot him.

HRCP called the point-blank shooting yet another indication of law enforcement personnel becoming increasingly trigger-happy. It said that this trend was seen across the country and the impunity enjoyed by those tasked with law enforcement was encouraging such tendencies.

HRCP demanded a transparent investigation of the incident and appropriate action to ensure justice for the young man killed, including compensation for the family. It also emphasised that sensitization and training of law enforcement personnel was absolutely necessary to prevent frequent occurrence of easily avoidable deaths.

Zohra Yusuf

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