25 Bonded Haris released from Chamber, District Tando Allhyar.

HRCP-STF Hyderabad received a
complaint on January 14,2011 of Bhooro s/o Prago Hindu-Bheel, r/o village
Nusrat Shah, Teluka Chamber, district Tando Allhyar, against Zmidar Nusrat
Shah, Jaffar Shah and Shoukat Shah of village Nusrat Shah, teluka Chamber,
district Tando Allhyar. They told that said zamidars had kept them as bonded
Hari and not paying their produce. Zamindar has given threats to involve them
in various false cases of criminal nature and sole them to other zamindars. He
kept all Haris and their family members in wrongful confinement and custody on
gunpoint. They preyed for liberty to go any where of their choice.

The HRCP-STF filled a miscellaneous application, u/s 491
Cr.P.C for recovery of alleged detainees, against the said landlord in the
Court of Session Judge Hyderabad. The Court was respond and directed to the SHO
police Station Chamber to conduct the raid and produce the detainees before
this court on 20-1-2011. On 22-1-2011,in the Court of 6th Additional
Session Judge, Hyderabad was heard the case and passed order to
release of the all
25,bonded people from the custody of landlord and allowed them to live with
their own will and wish.

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