HRCP plea for security for non-Muslims in Balochistan

Lahore, January 19: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has asked the Balochistan government to address concerns of members of non-Muslim communities residing in Balochistan regarding growing incidents of abduction of non-Muslims in the province.

According to a press statement issued on Wednesday, HRCP has conveyed to Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani the concern among non-Muslim communities in the province over the recent increase in abductions of non-Muslims there.  The latest incidents include the abduction of Mr Maharaj Lakhmigar of Qalat on December 21, and of Mr Rajeev Kumar from Noshki on January 10. HRCP said that several other incidents of abduction of non-Muslim citizens in Balochistan had also been reported in the media in the last few months.

HRCP said that while those abducting Mr Lakhmigar had asked for his community to raise funds for his release, without mentioning any amount, the abductors of Mr Kumar had not contacted the family so far. “The families of the abducted individuals are obviously in great mental agony and fear for their safety. This spate of abductions has also increased a sense of insecurity and vulnerability across the non-Muslim population in the province,” HRCP said.

“Balochistan has long enjoyed considerable reputation as an area where non-Muslims have lived in relative peace and safety. No effort should be spared to ensure that that reputation remains untarnished,” HRCP said, requesting the chief minister to ensure that all necessary measures are taken to allay the fears of non-Muslim citizens in Balochistan and restore a sense of security among them.

Dr Mehdi Hasan

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