HRCP shocked by siege of Sherry’s house

Lahore, October 25: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed outrage at hundreds of armed protesters laying siege of the Karachi residence of leading journalist and politician Sherry Rehman, threatening her and harassing her family.

A statement issued by the Commission on Monday said, “HRCP protests in the strongest possible terms the demonstration of violence outside the house of Sherry Rehman and harassment of her family. Armed protestors had descended on her house apparently after she had appeared on a TV channel boycotted by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

Official complicity in the siege, if not downright connivance, was evident from the fact that the police stood by as armed protesters blocked the roads leading to Ms Rehman’s residence and blocked the entrance to her house. The protestors also called her a traitor to the PPP and the country.

This is an unfortunate trend in a country where one does not have to look far for methods of intimidation and harassment. It is also a bad omen for Pakistan’s beleaguered democracy if the political parties are this intolerant of a political leader not blindly towing the party line.

The government must ensure that such hooliganism does not go uninvestigated and uncondemned at the highest level to send a clear message that it will not allow such things to go unpunished. It must also find out why the police did not intervene.”
Dr Mehdi Hasan


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