Amputations by Taliban outrage HRCP

LAHORE, May 6, 2010: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed shock at the barbaric act of amputation of hands of three men by the Taliban in Orakzai Agency.

A statement issued by HRCP on Thursday stated that it is apparent that Talibanisation rule persists in parts of FATA despite fierce military operations there.

“The Taliban are increasingly adopting outrageous practices, like public floggings and now amputation of hands. Rough justice followed by abduction of citizens and extreme penal sanctions is neither Islamic nor acceptable in any civilized society,” the Commission said.

“HRCP urges all sections of society to condemn such inhuman acts of the Taliban and appeals to medical professionals to provide all possible assistance to the three victims of this flagrant abuse of human dignity. HRCP believes that such cruelty must be denounced in clear terms, without any concessions given to perpetrators who believe and practice extreme cruelty in the name of religion,” the HRCP statement said.

Asma Jahangir Chairperson

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