HRCP dismayed at police failure to recover abducted infant

LahoreMarch 02, 2010The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed concern over the failure of the police and a public hospital inMultan to recover a 22-day-old child abducted from the hospital on February 21.

HRCP said in a statement that the police had failed to show the urgency required in a case of this nature.

According to the statement, “Abduction of infants from hospitals has unfortunately become a frequent occurrence of late, making efficient and expeditious investigation all the more desirable. That does not seem to be the case in the abduction of a 22-day-old child from Nishtar Hospital, Multan. The staff for the ward from where the child went missing has not been questioned about the circumstances of the abduction. The Commission cannot emphasise enough the government’s responsibility to protect the rights of all people, including the very young.

It is also a matter of concern that the family claims that instead of finding fault with the hospital staff, a team constituted by the hospital to investigate the matter had compelled the family to accuse their relatives who are issueless.

The police and the hospital administration must do their utmost to recover the child at the earliest and address concerns of the family regarding the quality of the investigation.”

 by: I. A. Rehman

(Secretary General)


2 thoughts on “HRCP dismayed at police failure to recover abducted infant

  1. Can we ever expect anything good coming out of the police of this country? It seems that they are complicit in all of these crimes or are rottenfully senseless to carry out any meaningful investigations.

    Can we hope for a citizen-police liaison committee in every city of this country?

  2. Quite frankly, even though i am a pakistani, i dont have beleif in our police system. rather i dont have any faith in any organization in pakistan. the reason is that corruption has sunk so deeply into our roots that we dont even deserve to be called humans any more.

    political unstability is something that is the root cause of all the problems along with the lack of insistance upon basic education.

    i recommend all the ngos and govt agencies to make their first preference in to extablsihing good education system in pakistan. 60% of the problems would vanish inshallah.

    then the second step should be to put true islamic laws into implementation and eradicate all those so called extremists whoc are trying to disrupt our national solidarity and integrity.

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