HRCP demands probe into firing on car by security forces

Subject: HRCP demands probe into firing on car by security forces

Lahore, December 3: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed concern over injuries to a seven-year-old girl in firing by Frontier Corps personnel on a car in Peshawar, and demanded a credible probe into the incident.

A statement issued by the commission on Thursday said: “The girl was apparently injured when her family’s car approached a security forces’ convoy. Amid a heightened threat of terrorism, it is all the more important that the security forces take every possible precaution to ensure that civilians are not affected by their actions. The government must immediately hold a transparent inquiry to ascertain what led to the tragic incident and how it could have been avoided. It must also ensure that the child is provided the best medical facilities and the family is compensated. The incident highlights the need for improved procedure for the security forces to distinguish between civilians and terrorists.”

I. A. Rehman  
Secretary General

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