HRCP website restored

The HRCP website has been restored!
Hopefully all the links are working properly. We will be checking for errors in the next couple of days.



HRCP website hacked

Dear Readers,

The HRCP website has been hacked into and all information, links and images tampered with. The hackers call themselves Root.

It is a shameful and cowardly act on behalf of the hackers and sadly they have achieved no gain from it. HRCP will continue to provide information through the blog and other means and will not be set back by this attack. 

We are working on restoring the website to its original form but it will take time as extensive data will now have to be checked, edited and added again.

If you seek any information please feel free to email at the hrcp email address (hrcp(at) or contact through mail, phone, fax or personal visit at the head office or one of the provincial office. Contact Us

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