Adiala first prison to have church

Daily Times – Saturday, January 03, 2009


RAWALPINDI: Adiala Jail becomes the country’s first prison to have a church on its premises. The prison is likely to open the doors of the church to its over 250 Christian prisoners in a fortnight. A bishop will formally open the church, it’s learnt. The Adiala Jail authorities have provided two and a half kanals land and local Christian community Rs 1.2 million for the church’s creation, the jail sources said on Friday. They said a volunteer godfather had been appointed to the church. A Christian prisoner said he was very delighted that the jail authorities took Christian inmates to the district courts’ church on Xmas Day and the New Year eve. He said the prisoners were allowed to stay at the church for hours. He said the event was first of its kind. He said Christians donated money and distributed meal among other prisoners on Christmas Day and New Year eve. Another Christian inmate praised the prison authorities for allotting land for the church. He said work on the church continued unobstructed till its completion. He said Christians were very happy to have a proper place of worship inside the jail. Pervez Masih, a visitor to Adiala Jail, said Christians had planned creation of churches in the province’s other jails too. He said his community expected the government’s financial and administrative support in this respect.

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