HRCP appreciates seats for disabled students at UET Taxila

Press Release, September 3


HRCP appreciates seats for disabled students at UET Taxila


LAHORE: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has welcomed the creation of two seats for disabled students at the University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila from session 2008 and reiterated its demand for implementing the government quota for disabled students at all educational institutions.


The commission had recently drawn attention of the Punjab governor and the chief minister to a number of colleges and universities in the province who were not allocating seats for disabled students as per government policy. It has again called upon them to reserve seats for special students in all institutions in the province.


The HRCP said in a statement: the Punjab government should ensure that all disciplines in educational institutions implement the quota for disabled students. Expeditious action would be crucial as admissions to educational institutions are underway and would be completed by the middle of September.


The government should also enforce a 2006 decision to waive fees for disabled students to afford them opportunities to access and continue education to fulfill its basic responsibility of providing education for all. 


Iqbal Haider



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