EVERY HUMAN HAS RIGHTS – the Elders’ campaign

every human has rights
Visit the Every Human Has Rights Website and sign the declaration

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In the 60th year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The Elders, with many organizations around the world, joined to launch the Every Human Has Rights campaign.


We urge you to embrace the values and goals of the Declaration. To protect the rights of your fellow global villagers. And encourage others to do the same in your communities, workplaces and schools. Click here to learn more about the campaign


Campaign Themes


Each month leading up to the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, one of the campaign partners will highlight a specific area of the rights contained in Universal Declaration; teaching you about its roots, where it stands today, and how you can get more involved. This month’s theme,


Freedom from Fear, Preventing Torture, has been brought to you be the Amnesty International


Speak out


The most formidable enemy of human rights today is silence. Here the Every Human Has Rights campaign partners hope to tell many stories of human rights triumphs and abuses from across the globe, so that all can learn from them.


We’ve begun with a few profiles of people who we admire for the work they do. We hope that you will find the following stories of how individuals are standing up for human rights, both a learning and an inspiration. Tell us your story or the story of your community


Asma JahangirAsma Jilani Jahangir

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

Arrested with other opponents of Pakistan’s General Musharraf in November 2007, Asma Jahangir, head of the country’s human-rights commission and a UN special envoy, has spent decades defending Christians and Muslims sentenced to death under harsh and capricious blasphemy laws. She shelters women whose families want to murder them — because they deserted cruel husbands. She investigates the fate of prisoners who vanish in police custody, and battles for their release. Read more


Asma Jilani Jahangir

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