HRCP demands release of Baloch human rights activists

Press Release, May 29, 2008


Karachi: In a joint statement issued to the press, Iqbal Haider, Co-Chairperson, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) and Ghazi Salahuddin, the Vice Chairperson of HRCP Sindh Chapter, expressed concern over the abduction / arrest of two Baloch leaders and human rights activists namely Wahab Baloch, the president of the Baloch Rights Council and Ghulam Muhammad Balochwho had come to the HRCP office on Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi yesterday, the 28th of May 2008, to discuss the human rights problems and issues including the plight of the missing persons.  HRCP is distressed to learn that when they left the HRCP office at about 5:30 pm, they were abducted / arrested by law enforcement agency personnel. 


HRCP immediately made every effort to know the whereabouts of the two Baloch leaders but in vain.  This morning on making inquiries HRCP discovered that:  


Wahab Baloch, the president of the Baloch Rights Council and a well known human rights activist is still missing.  HRCP is deeply concerned about his enforced disappearance and the condition under which he may be held. 


Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, the president of Balochistan National Movement (BNM):  the police has admitted that he is in custody at PS Frere and an FIR has been registered against him for allegedly a provocative speech outside the Karachi Press Club. He was earlier picked and made to disappear on 03.12.2006 for about a year and was released in September 2007. 


HRCP believes that this amounts to outright harassment and victimization of the Baloch leaders and human rights defenders.  There is no lawful reason or justification for arresting the two leaders, implicating Ghulam Muhammad Blaoch in a false case and charges and abducting a very well known human rights activist, Mr. Wahab Baloch.  


HRCP strongly condemns this harassment of the Baloch activists and demands immediate release of Wahab Baloch and Ghulam Muhammad Baloch.


Iqbal Haider, Co-Chairperson

Ghazi Salahuddin, Vice Chairperson, Sindh Chapter



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