HRCP Annual Report 2007

The HRCP Annual Report 2007 is now online. Please visit the HRCP website or click here to be directed to the report. You can also purchase the hardcopy from the main office. Please send in your purchase enquiries to


Statistics for the year 2007 have also been uploaded. Please click on the following links to see stats for:

The introduction and main highlights are on the link and HRCP stands and activities for the entire year are also included in the chapters for downloads.


    3 thoughts on “HRCP Annual Report 2007

    1. The link to the Annual Report 2007 does not open and displays teh folowing message:

      Not Found
      The requested document was not found on this server.
      Web Server at

      Kindly let me know how to review the report.


    2. Dear HRCP,

      For a study of trafficking in Pakistan for UNICEF, I would be most grateful if you would send me a copy of your 2007 annual report.

      With regards,
      John Frederick

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