Karachi outrage: HRCP for probe by world experts

Press Release, April 10


Lahore: While condemning the Tuesday’s violence in Karachi, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has called for a probe by international experts. In a statement issued here today, the commission said:


What happened in Karachi on Wednesday, especially the burning alive of several innocent Pakistanis, can only be condemned as acts of utterly horrible bestiality. The hands behind what is obviously a counter-offensive by the camp hostile to lawyers’ campaign must be exposed and the culprits, if it is possible to apprehend them, made to face justice. Unfortunately the MQM leaders have deemed it necessary to direct their customary fulminations at HRCP, although they know that HRCP has always denounced civil strife and stood by the victims regardless of their colours. As for their shrieks as to where HRCP and Asma Jahangir are, they are where the MQM satraps used to find them in their hour of distress and where they will be found if and when the MQM bosses start receiving the bills for their deeds. We regret that HRCP does not have the resources to investigate the latest wave of violence and arson, and certainly not the tribulations of the mafia-controlled population of Karachi. The difficulties in probing incidents of violence in which the highest in the land are apparently involved are obvious. The acts of patently motivated violence witnessed in the country over the past few days demand high-level probe by international experts, although their success too cannot be taken for granted. HRCP is convinced that united action by the entire nation alone can overcome the forces that are threatening not only to thwart the state’s transition to democracy but also its integrity.



Mehdi Hasan HRCP Vice- Chairperson

Musarrat Hilali HRCP-Vice-Chairperson


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