HRCP Strongly Condemns Assault on Dr. Riaz by Pakistan Rangers

Press Release, April 1, 2008 

Karachi:  In a joint statement issued to the press, Iqbal Haider, Co-Chairperson, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) and Ghazi Salahuddin, the Vice Chairperson of HRCP Sindh Chapter, has strongly condemned the assault on Monday on Dr. Riaz, Professor of Applied Chemistry in Karachi University by Pakistan Rangers, deployed at the university.

The incident occurred following a clash between two student groups. The Rangers deployed in the campus closed all entry and exit gates after the clash. When Dr Riaz was leaving the campus at 5 p.m., the Rangers stopped his car at Silver Jubilee gate and after some harsh words they brutally hit him with batons, causing severe injuries. He was then taken to the Aga Khan Hospital by a group of teachers and students.

HRCP demands stern action against the culprits, and urges the Karachi University authorities to immediately file an FIR against them to ensure justice for the honorable professor of the university.

Iqbal Haider, Co-Chairperson
Ghazi Salahuddin, Vice Chairperson, Sindh Chapter


3 thoughts on “HRCP Strongly Condemns Assault on Dr. Riaz by Pakistan Rangers

  1. Where were you HRCP on 12/27/07 when all Sindh was burning and people were being harassed, torched, burnt alive, bank were looted and girls were raped. This small incident you have condemned where is you condemnation. I do not know how many times these steps were repeated but HRCP is working on cretin agenda of biasness’. SHAM ON YOU HRCP.

  2. Sir we are very sorry if you think that standing up for a beaten and harrassed professor is biasness and deserves shame.

    We also strongly condemned the violence in Sindh as we condemn violence anywhere. We never condone any act against humanity. We are sure that you are upset by what happened but it is not our responsibility to control affairs – thats the governments. We try to create awareness and do advocacy, lobbying and research into events and bring human rights issues into the forefrunt. We cannot take law enforcement issues in our hands as that is completely in the hands of the state and not any other party’s or organization’s.

  3. @Ajaz Siddiqi: btw what were mqm cronies up to on May 12, 2007? ransacking, killing people? how will you negate the TV footage showing mqm hooligans with guns?

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