HRCP State of Human Rights 2007 – Released!

The HRCP State of Human Rights in 2007 has been released.  ar 2007

It will be available for download on the website shortly. UPDATE: The report is now online on the website. Please click here to be directed to the report.


The report covers the following topics:

1.      Rule of law

1.1.   Laws and law-making

1.2.   Administration of justice

2.      Enforcement of law

2.1.   Law and order

2.2.   Jails, prisoners and ‘disappearances’

3.      Fundamental freedoms

3.1.   Freedom of movement

3.2.   Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

3.3.   Freedom of expression

3.4.   Freedom of assembly

3.5.   Freedom of association

4.      Democratic development

4.1.   Political participation

5.      Rights of the disadvantaged

5.1.   Women

5.2.   Children

5.3.   Labour

6.      Social and economic rights

6.1.   Education

6.2.   Health

6.3.   Housing

6.4.   Environment

6.5.   Refugees

7.      Appendices

7.1.   HRCP activities

7.2.   HRCP stands

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