Lahore blast: HRCP calls Govt. to account

Press release, March 5

Lahore: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has called upon the administration to demonstrate some capacity to protect lives against terrorist attacks instead of merely announcing alert or red alert after each explosion or suicide bombing.

In a statement issued here today HRCP said:

The terrorist attack inside the Navy War College in Lahore on Tuesday was not more serious than the recent incidents in Swat and Darra Adamkhel, in which nearly 100 people perished, but the fact that the site was pretty close to the Governor House and the Provincial Assembly chambers and the students at the college included officers from friendly nations, lent it special significance. As usual the authorities announced a red alert across the country. Such gestures are becoming increasingly meaningless as the terrorists are evidently enjoying freedom of the land. The administration must now admit its failure to deal with the menace of terrorism. The people have a right to know what has been done to trace terrorists’ training camps, the routes used for supply of explosives, and the sources of funds used in these operations. On the eve of the general election the official spokespersons, who apparently cannot agree among themselves, announced violence-free polling as, according to them, the terrorists had all been rounded up. Was the respite limited to the election day? What is the authorities’ version of the cause of the latest spurt in murderous attacks? Are the militants trying to extend the life of the regime voted out on February 18 or do they want to damn the new government before it takes charge? It is time the all-wise circular-writers in government addressed the alarm and despondency these unanswered questions are causing to the people all over the country.


Iqbal Haider



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