Election Commission asked to take notice of controversial advertisement by PML-Q

PRESS RELEASE, January 15, 2008

Karachi: While strongly condemning the dastardly attack on Ms. Benazir Bhutto and condoling her assassination, in its meeting held in Karachi, the Sindh Council of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan took serious notice of the provocative election campaign of PML-Q through advertisement in the leading newspapers of Pakistan and warned the Government of Pakistan that such advertisements would only lead to ethnic violence in the country.

HRCP Sindh Council considered it as a serious criminal act on the part of PML-Q which is not only against the code of conduct of the Election Commission of Pakistan but also provokes people to resort to violence on ethnic and regional basis.

HRCP Sindh Council called upon the Election Commission of Pakistan to take notice of such advertisements which appeared recently in the media.

HRCP Sindh Council strongly demanded that:

  • Government of Pakistan must take serious action against those responsible for such advertisements in the newspapers
  • Election Commission of Pakistan must also take notice of such provocation.

Zohra Yusuf
Vice Chairperson, Sindh
Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

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