HRCP condemns the Lahore outrage

lahore jan bombing

Press release

Lahore, January 10: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) is outraged at the ghastly killing of nearly two dozen people, most of them policemen, in an explosion outside the Lahore High Court today (Thursday). The Commission shares the grief of the bereaved families and is shocked at the loss of so many policemen who fell victim to a situation for which their employers must accept increasing responsibility. Grievous though the heavy loss of life is perhaps an equally grave matter is the questions the incident raises, especially in the context of the October 18-19 carnage in Karachi and the assassination of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto barely a fortnight ago. The target obviously was the procession of lawyers and they presumably escaped due to some delay in their arrival at the venue chosen for massacre. Who is gunning for lawyers and why? Or, whoever the culprits are, do they want to terrorise lawyers or political parties or the people in general? Do they want to sabotage elections? Are people being targeted across the country in retaliation for the so-called war against militants? Where does the administration stand now for it has lost all claim to capacity to curb the monster of terrorism. The authorities must answer these questions in a straightforward manner as cursory excuses and advice to the harried citizens to look after themselves will be adding insult to injury. If the regime lacks the means to protect the people’s lives, should it not seek expertise wherever it may be available? And If it lacks the will to do its primary duty it must not delay making way for a civilian government of national consensus.

Asma Jahangir


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