A Return to Violence – Isl Dec 17 Protest

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Dawn – Crackdown on protesters in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, Dec 17: A clash between police and protesters here on Monday left scores of rights activists, journalists and policemen injured. Police and eyewitnesses said around 400 to 500 protesters carrying placards and banners and shouting anti-government slogans, gathered at Aabpara Chowk in the afternoon and started marching towards the Judges Colony. They were demanding release of deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry. Policemen wielding batons tried to stop them and fired teargas to prevent them from heading towards the official residence of the deposed chief justice. Protest organisers said police had arrested about 60 people, including political activist Jamil Abbasi, advocate Tariq Mehmood and a number of students. They were detained in a lock-up of the Secretariat Police Station and were to be booked on various charges, including violation of a ban on protest demonstrations. Continue reading

HRCP is deeply concerned about the health and life of Dr. Safdar Sarki

Dr. Safdar Sarki

December 17, 2007
Karachi: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan is deeply concerned about the life and health of Dr. Safdar Sarki, General Secretary of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) – one of the victims of “enforced disappearances” that the Supreme Court was looking into, who is currently detained in far flung Zhob Jail in Balochistan and is suffering from retinal degeneration (losing eyesight), arthritis and hernia. Dr. Sarki requires necessary medicines immediately but neither the family members nor the colleagues of Dr. Sarki are being allowed to see him and to provide him necessary medicines in the jail.

The prison doctors in Zhob have advised that Dr. Sarki should be sent for consultation to Aga Khan Medical University Karachi immediately but authorities have plainly refused to do so.

On February 24, 2006, Dr. Sarki was reportedly beaten and taken away from his relative’s flat in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi, blindfolded, to an unknown location by security personnel who also confiscated his belongings (including laptop, driving license, US passport, money etc). After months of holding him incommunicado and denying his custody, security agencies finally produced him in court in October 2007, along with two other missing Sindhi nationalist leaders G. M. Bhagat and Cheetan Bajeer. Police then officially “arrested” all three. Dr Sarki was charged with possessing explosives and was finally granted bail on November 02, 2007.

Such acts of the authorities and their intelligence agencies are out rightly in violation of the constitution, all laws, all human rights and all civilized norms. The government must abandon such acts and policies of harassing and victimizing citizens in such brutal, illegal and inhuman manner.

HRCP strongly demands that Dr. Sarki must immediately be released on bail and shifted to Aga Khan Medical University Hospital, Karachi and given access to his relatives and colleagues.

Zohra Yusuf
Vice Chairperson, Sindh
Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

HRCP: No association with any fund collection

HRCP Press Release

Lahore December 14: Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) denied that it has authorised any group or individual to collect donation from the public for any charitable cause. It has come to our notice that some people were approached by young men claiming to represent HRCP and asked for donations. Nobody should oblige them, says a press release issued by HRCP.

Iqbal Haider
Secretary General

Asma Jehangir: free polls impossible without free judiciary

Daily Times – Asma says free polls impossible without free judiciary

LAHORE: Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) chairwoman Asma Jehangir said on Thursday transparent and free elections were impossible without the restoration of the deposed judges. Speaking at a seminar on Bool Ke Lab Azaad Hain Teray at a local hotel, she said the restoration of the judiciary to its pre-November 3 status was a must. She urged the society to participate in the lawyers’ movement for the restoration of the judiciary and the rule of law. Asma ensured the lawyers of HRCP/her cooperation in their ongoing movement. Lawyer Hamid Khan, Supreme Court Bar Association secretary Amin Javed, Lahore Bar Association president Sayed Muhammad Shah, Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) former secretary (Finance) Rabbiya Bajwa, Pakistan Bar Council member Kazim Khan and former LHCBA secretary Shahid Mahmood Bhatti were among the speakers. Hamid paid a tribute to Ali Ahmed Kurd, Munir A Malik and Aitzaz Ahsan for leading the lawyers through their movement for the restoration of the judiciary.

Election Fiasco

Police personnel and Van being used for putting up PML-Q banners in blatant violation of the Election rules, squandering of public money and resources as well as a clear signal of poll rigging.

Police Van No: LXC 2360
FC College Police Station (near
Chaudhry Pervez Elahi’s residence – Former Chief Minister Punjab and PML-Q candidate)

police PML-Q

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