HRCP is deeply concerned about the health and life of Dr. Safdar Sarki

Dr. Safdar Sarki

December 17, 2007
Karachi: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan is deeply concerned about the life and health of Dr. Safdar Sarki, General Secretary of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) – one of the victims of “enforced disappearances” that the Supreme Court was looking into, who is currently detained in far flung Zhob Jail in Balochistan and is suffering from retinal degeneration (losing eyesight), arthritis and hernia. Dr. Sarki requires necessary medicines immediately but neither the family members nor the colleagues of Dr. Sarki are being allowed to see him and to provide him necessary medicines in the jail.

The prison doctors in Zhob have advised that Dr. Sarki should be sent for consultation to Aga Khan Medical University Karachi immediately but authorities have plainly refused to do so.

On February 24, 2006, Dr. Sarki was reportedly beaten and taken away from his relative’s flat in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi, blindfolded, to an unknown location by security personnel who also confiscated his belongings (including laptop, driving license, US passport, money etc). After months of holding him incommunicado and denying his custody, security agencies finally produced him in court in October 2007, along with two other missing Sindhi nationalist leaders G. M. Bhagat and Cheetan Bajeer. Police then officially “arrested” all three. Dr Sarki was charged with possessing explosives and was finally granted bail on November 02, 2007.

Such acts of the authorities and their intelligence agencies are out rightly in violation of the constitution, all laws, all human rights and all civilized norms. The government must abandon such acts and policies of harassing and victimizing citizens in such brutal, illegal and inhuman manner.

HRCP strongly demands that Dr. Sarki must immediately be released on bail and shifted to Aga Khan Medical University Hospital, Karachi and given access to his relatives and colleagues.

Zohra Yusuf
Vice Chairperson, Sindh
Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

2 thoughts on “HRCP is deeply concerned about the health and life of Dr. Safdar Sarki

  1. Absoulitly, we all rising to slogan to brave son of Sindh Dr. Safdar Sarki and other our soil young nationalist activist who are still disapear from long time.

    Really, we are appreciating HRCP to do doing noble work for honour of human being.


  2. well u guys say he is a brave man i think he is a coward .
    u know why as far as i know he is wanted in F.I R .# 735/90 p.s ferozabad police station karachi Pakistan.

    He abducted zahid Motiwala and received ransom 50 lakk in larkana.
    he shot one of his guard .

    And i think he deserve it he was disappered for i think 18th months.

    now his family and he will realise that what ever u do u have to pay here in this world .
    he abducted him for 40 days and his family (Safdar Sarki )waited for almost 18th months.
    please post this i want to show his other face to the world.
    just an informer

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