HRCP: No association with any fund collection

HRCP Press Release

Lahore December 14: Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) denied that it has authorised any group or individual to collect donation from the public for any charitable cause. It has come to our notice that some people were approached by young men claiming to represent HRCP and asked for donations. Nobody should oblige them, says a press release issued by HRCP.

Iqbal Haider
Secretary General

4 thoughts on “HRCP: No association with any fund collection

  1. Thank you. that was a very adult and thoughtful thing to say.
    If you are interested in conspiracy games and other enlightened topics to discuss please visit numerous other website catered for minds like yours. You obviously are not interested in supporting people who work for any good.

  2. To HRCP:
    Thats the mind set for HRCP , instead of replying to the argument attack the personal “adult and thoughtful “. I do support the people who see the ground reality from both side of the coin not getting only FABRICATED STORIES, How many times you have appreciated the good stuff in Pakistan? Its EASY to write all about the NEGATIVITY.

  3. Excuse me.. you called that an argument?
    If you really are interested in the truth please stop spreading lies and tabloid gossip and come and see our transparent and monitored budget.
    We do see stuff from all sides and if you would just read a bit there are many reports that you can browse through to see both sides – which you say you seem to support.

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