HRCP strongly condemns police brutality on women activists of Awami Tehrik in Hyderabad protesting against the Emergency

Karachi, November 26: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) strongly condemns police brutality on a peaceful demonstration of Awami Tehreek protesting against the Emergency at the civil courts building premises in Hyderabad on Friday, the 23rd of November.

It was shocking to note that, violating all norms of decency, male policemen lifted women and threw them into the prison vans. Police also baton-charged children and male activists and arrested more than 60 activists of Awami Tehreek, including 10 children and 25 women.

HRCP holds the provincial authorities fully responsible for the brutal police action, particularly against women and children, who were peacefully protesting against the imposition of emergency in Pakistan.

Under the present regime, harassment, victimization, disappearances (abduction by the authorities), murder, attempted murder or attacks on the life and properties of the political leaders and workers, journalists, lawyers, human right activists are continuing with impunity, in shocking numbers.

HRCP reiterates its demands and calls upon the government to ensure (i) that all the arrested political leaders and workers, journalists, lawyers, human rights activists, and members of civil society are immediately released and medical aid and treatment are provided to those who were injured at the hands of the police and local administration (ii) to take strict disciplinary action and lodge FIRs against all the concerned top officials of the Sindh Government and their sub-ordinates, who are responsible for the lathi charge, tear gassing, injuring and arresting the peaceful, law-abiding activists of Awami Tehreek.

Zohra Yusuf
Vice Chairperson, Sindh

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