HRCP: Free the judges & bar leaders

Update: Over the weekend, Muneer Malik was shifted to PIMS hospital, Islamabad, following severe deterioration of his health and negligence on the part of Jail authorities, resulting in renal failure. He is now stable but still needs critical medical attention and treatment.

Interview of Malik by DAWN News on Nov 25, 2007

Lahore, November 23: Expressing serious concern at Mr. Muneer Malik’s illness in jail and the hardships being caused to superior court judges and their families under unlawful and unacknowledged detention, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has called for immediate lifting of bar to judges’ and lawyers’ liberty.

A statement issued today by Senator (r) Iqbal Haider and Hina Jilani, HRCP Secretary General and Vice Chair, respectively, the commission said:

HRCP is extremely concerned at reports that former SC bar chief Muneer Malik’s condition in Attock Jail has become serious. He is said to be losing consciousness for hours at a stretch. Present SCBA chief Aitzaz Ahsan also is reported to have needed hospitalisation. And the tribulations of senior bar leader Ali Ahmed Kurd can only be imagined. The detention of these leaders of the bar and of the public opinion is not only unwarranted and unlawful, it is also violative of the demand of a fair poll and all codes of humanitarian decency. They must be released forthwith.

HRCP is also concerned at the unlawful and unacknowledged detention of superior courts judges. All restrictions on their freedom of movement and their right to receive visitors must be withdrawn.

Hina Jilani
Iqbal Haider

Secretary General

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