List: Karachi lawyers in KHI Central Jail

Karachi lawyers in Karachi Central Jail, arrested after Nov 3, 2007

lawyers karachi lawyers khi

List compiled by lawyers in prison. Those listed below were served notice under the MPO. (This list does not include several lawyers who were picked up but neither detained nor arrested under the MPO, and released from the police station.) Some lawyers are helping their colleagues in prison, providing them essentials and trying to get them released. They include Faisal Siddiqi and Tamash Rizvi (Justice retired Rasheed Rizvi’s son).

Faisal Siddiqi: All the lawyers sent to Karachi Central Jail were served with a 90-day detention period. Some lawyers were not arrested or served with MPO notices but simply kept at the police station for some time and later allowed to go (eg Chief Justice Sabihuddin Ahmed’s son Salahuddin and his associates like Haider Waheed, and others like Zahid F. Ebrahim).

About 50 lawyers were served MPO notice and sent to jail on Nov 6. Since there is no bail under the MPO, the chargers are being arbitrarily withdrawn against those who are released. A Review Board sits every day, and releases some lawyers every day. The Home Department has told us that most of them will be released by Monday, except the leaders like Rasheed Rizvi and Abdul Inam. However, it is also unlikely that those without good connections will also be kept back as there is no one to look after their interests and their families have no means of support.

On top of all the other pressures, the non-PCO judges had to face the humiliation of being told by the PCO judges that that they should collect their belongings from the chambers or they would be thrown out. Their Protocol Officers at the Sindh High Court informed them of this development early Nov 4, the day after the martial law. According to a newspaper report, they will also not be given their pensions and other benefits. The younger lawyers can still build up their lives and careers and we salute our senior colleagues who have lost everything they had built up.

Iftikhar Javed Qazi – President of the Karachi Bar Association

Naheed Afzal

Zafar Siddiqui

Ahsan Ali Rind

Shaukat Hayat – released Nov 8

Sohbat Ali

Liaqat Ehteshamullah Khan

Mohammad Aslam Butt

Mushtaq Jahangiri

Hussain Baksh

Abdul Hafeez

M.A. Qureshi


Shabbir Ahmed Sheikh

Sarwar Mohammad Khan

Aqeel Hussain

Shahnawaz Mohammad Masood Khan – released Nov 7

Omar Lakhani – released Nov 8

Ravi – released Nov 7

Faisal Aziz

Hidayatullah Khan

Shahnawaz Dhari

Zahoor Hussain

Kazim Ali Abbasi

Mohammad Mazhar

Mohammad Ashraf

Khursheed Javed – released Nov 8

Mohammad Ghulam Mustafa

Shahnawaz Ansari

Sikandar Ali Sharr

Irshad Ali Sharr

Irshad Rauf

Athar Ismail

Javed Iqbal Burki (HRCP lawyer, arrested from his house)

Ghulam Sarwar Chandio

Mohammad Iqbal Memon (seriously ill, diabetic, has been taken to hospital twice in ambulance already)

Nasir Mohammad

Mohammad Zubair Khan

Ibrar Hasan – President SHCBA

Justice (retd) Rasheed Rizvi, contender for president of SHCBA elections in the forthcoming elections

Justice (retd) Shafi Mohammadi – released Nov 7

Mustafa Lakhani

Kashif Hanif – released Nov 9

Kashif Parachi – released Nov 8

Rafiq Kalwar

Mukhtar Naqvi – released Nov 8

Justice (retd) Ab-ul-Inam – former President of the Sindh High Court Bar Association (SCBA), arrested outside High Court on Nov 10

Gulzar – President Malir Bar Association, arrested Nov 10 from his house

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  2. thank you. I will be updating this page with the new list by today. Of course the list needs updating every few hours or so! so thank you very much for your help.

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